Self pity…

The other day I was feeling quite sad because a friend of mine was going through a tough situation. One of her family members has a chronic illness so she has to look after this person…she said it was a big burden to bear this responsibility… and that her life has become so difficult…

What made me sad was that even though she is doing such a great job of caring for a sick person full time… but because she was so full of self pity, it was not possible for her to feel mercy for the sick person… and so how can you be kind and polite if you are not feeling the pain of the other person?

I have often felt that people who are so perfect in what they can accomplish seldom realize that it is not just enough that you do things for others… rather it is even more important that you are kind and sympathetic too… making others feel comfortable is a great act of charity and it doesn’t cost anything too but then why are people so stingy when it comes to smiling and being soft and kind?

And the amazing thing about being nice to others is that the positive waves of love and gratitude come back to fill your heart with happiness too. So even big burdens of responsibility can become a source of joy instead of a difficulty.

May Allah help us to remain positive and enthusiastic in all situations… ameen


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