The beginning of Creation…

Sometimes the lessons that I learn, from the lectures I listen to, become forgotten… because I never get to act on them… but some lessons come in really handy, and so when I apply them they get deeply rooted into my thoughts, and become an experience which becomes a part of my life…

An example is the lesson which I learned at the beginning of the Sahih Bukhari  series; and that was of coming back to complete a task even if the gap becomes too long. What happened was that even though I had promised myself to write daily on my blog… there came about some events in the family which left me no space to continue my work, and so a whole week has gone by with the lectures going on and on, and I have yet to write about the first chapter!!! On the first thought I was about to become hopeless that there was no way I could catch up with what I had missed but when I made dua to Allah it became clear to me that I should keep trying my best even if there are gaps… So with this hope in Allah’s forgiveness and mercy I will try to restart from where I had left off… In-Sha-Allah

The Book of the Beginning of Creation…

This is the name of the chapter with which we re-started Sahih Bukhari… We have such a limited and superficial knowledge of religion that it comes as a surprise to know that there are so many Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w) about this topic which we thought belonged only in the science text books… So you see the deeper you study your religious texts the more you will realize that Islam gives us the most accurate information not only about the afterlife but also of this world in which we live. Because who can tell about this creation better than the one who created it?!!!

To know that Allah is the creator of all that exists is a fact which we believe in but seldom contemplate upon and that is why our relationship with Him is not as alive and fulfilling as it should be. And when this bond with Allah is weak then all sorts of anxieties and fears take root in our hearts making it impossible to enjoy the countless gifts he showers upon us… because we all know from experience that more than the gift itself it is the relationship with the one who created that gift specially out of love for us that gives us the real pleasure.

Especially in this day and age when more and more people are being driven away from the truth of their existence into the false claims of atheism… it has become even more important for us to re-open these timeless books and read with our own eyes the words which were spoken by our Prophet (s.a.w) who received his knowledge directly from Allah.

So let us move on to see the first Hadith of this chapter…

  • Narrated `Imran bin Husain (R.A.):

Some people of Bani Tamim came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and he said (to them), “O Bani Tamim! rejoice with glad tidings.” They said, “You have given us glad tidings, now give us something.” On hearing that the color of his face changed then the people of Yemen came to him and he said, “O people of Yemen ! Accept the good tidings, as Bani Tamim has refused them.” The Yemenites said, “We accept them. Then the Prophet (ﷺ) started taking about the beginning of creation and about Allah’s Throne. In the meantime a man came saying, “O `Imran! Your she-camel has run away!” (I got up and went away), but l wish I had not left that place (for I missed what Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) had said).

(SahihBukhari : Book 59, Hadith 1)

Now apparently it seems like nothing has been “described” about the creation so why has this Hadith been added here? The answer is that it is not a book of science which will start with headings and sub headings… rather this Hadith depicts for us a picture so vivid that it almost seems like happening in front of us…

When I was looking at these words I felt like I could actually see those people coming to the Prophet (s.a.w) and when he gave them the glad tidings and they misunderstood like some material benefit was being given to them… I realized that the average mentality of the people is exactly the same as now… most of us just equate good news to material gains…

And the Prophet (s.a.w) was giving them glad tidings for the faith in Allah and the knowledge of religion… but how few of us can truly say that these two things are the most precious to us?

And when the Prophet (s.a.w) started to describe the beginning of creation, the narrater of this Hadith was distracted by a caller and he had to get up even though he regretted it…

Imagine if the same thing happened to us we would not admit it to anyone… and to get it recorded in a book would be simply unthinkable…but this is the difference between them and us… they were truthful and this is what made them great… we want to appear great but there is no truth in this greatness…

(to be continued)


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