the great book…

The book Sahih Bukhari was written over a period of 16 years… and the scholars of Islam are united on the opinion that after the Quran this is the most authentic book of all. The question is what gave this book such recognition and respect?

The answer lies in the fact that Allah is The Most Pure and He loves what is pure… so we see that Imaam Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on him) was extremely cautious in his selection of hadith and took only the most authentic hadith for this book.

It has been recorded that Imaam Bukhari used to make ablution and purified himself physically and also spiritually by praying nafl salah before writing each and every hadith. Thus he made special duas to Allah to make him write only what is true. Not only this but he also took care to choose the most pure places to write his book… e.g. the basic outline was prepared in Masjid ul Haram…

This shows that his intention was only to please Allah and he proved his intention by taking the most care for his personal and spiritual purification.

We also wish to do well but when it comes to the practical details we do not exhibit such care and concern for the state of our bodies or our hearts or the places of work… all three should be pure in order to produce a work which is pure and done purely for the sake of Allah


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