the role of fathers…

Yesterday I wrote about the role of Imam Bukhari’s mother in his life… today let us have a look at the person who became one of the greatest scholars of all times…

Imaam Bukhari’s name was Muhammd bin Ismail… His great grandfather whose name was Mugheerah was the first person to embrace Islam from among the tribe of fire worshippers. In today’s world of information of all kinds bombarding us from all directions it becomes so easy to just read by such facts like a breeze… but it made me reflect deeply on the fact that what has been said in just one sentence must have taken that one person an unimaginable amount of struggle and sacrifice of such magnitude which went down into the coming generations producing great islamic scholars.

Today we also talk of transforming the world into a better place but even to bring change in one family seems impossible… why? Because we lack these important ingredients:

Sincerity, determination, focus, struggle and sacrifice

Imaam Bukhari’s father was also a Muhaddis (scholar of Hadith) His great role in his son’s life is that he made extraordinary effort to keep his income halal… and thus I learned that the effects of religiousness can reach the next generation only through halal means… and also that being a scholar didn’t prevent him from earning a halal livelihood for his family.

So from such a set of righteous and Allah conscious parents who so bravely faced the adversities of life… Allah caused Imaam Bukhari to become an extraordinary person right from the beginning. Even as a small child he had an exceptional memory and a yearning to sit in the company of scholars. His great desire was to memorize the Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w) and he memorized tens of thousands of hadith along with the chain of narrations… not only that but he also knew the names and facts about all the narrators of each and every hadith. This was the talent which made him a favourite and the teachers used to be humble in front of him because he could pick out any little mistake with great accuracy…

We also have the talent of picking mistakes but from what and why? His intention was to keep the knowledge of hadith pure and free from any error whatsoever because of his love for Allah and the Prophet (s.a.w) But we point out mistakes in people’s looks and dresses etc Not to make them better but to let them down… and then we say that our religiousness has no impact on our children or our environment… the reason is that it should first impact our own hearts and our behaviours… only then we can hope to pass it on to others too…

(to be continued)


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