what do you think?

There was this saying I read the other day that a person will come on the day of Qiyamah with sins that will look like mountains but then he will see that his tongue has demolished those mountains… through the zikr that he used to do with this tongue and through its recitation of the Quran and other good deeds.

So it means that if we use our tongue in beneficial ways then it can cancel out all the other sins that we commit…

But does it mean that people who do lots of zikr and read Quran can just relax because all their sins will be forgiven because of their good use of the tongue?

And also there is a Hadith of our Prophet (s.a.w) which says that sometimes a person says one bad word or sentence and it can throw him into the deepest pits of the hellfire…

So it means that the same tongue can cancel out all our good deeds… how frightening!!!

But then what should be our attitude? Should we be relaxed that Allah is all forgiving or should we remain tense and depressed because no matter what we do it can all be wiped out by a single careless word?

The conclusion which I have reached is that the first and foremost thing which Allah looks at is our thoughts… if we are truly anxious to please Allah and feel genuine guilt for doing or saying anything bad… and we rush towards good deeds to make Allah pleased with us so that he may forgive us for the sins we have committed… then surely we can hope for Allah’s forgiveness… but in such a way that our goodness appears small in our eyes and we never assume that our sins don’t matter anymore… we keep on doing good and we keep on asking Allah for his forgiveness… with true humbleness…

But on the other hand if we think we are doing so much good things and if we slip or do anything wrong then it is not such a big deal… then that really is dangerous because even if this person is doing more good than bad but Allah knows that his attitude is that of arrogance and self-righteousness…

Therefore we should never be carefree about the sins we commit… and we should never be over-pleased with the good that we do.

Rather thank Allah if he allows you to do anything good… and be humble

And ask forgiveness immediately after committing any blunder… and be grateful to Allah that he has given us ways to destroy the harmful effects of sins through zikr and through the reading of Quran and through making duas and through taubah and through speaking good to people… giving them comfort and joy through our speech…. Guiding them to good things… guiding them towards success and transferring to them the good thoughts which Allah puts in our hearts…

May Allah guide us to the best of intentions and the best of deeds… ameen


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