peace and secrity

I was reading about Allah’s name Al-Momin that when this word Momin is used for a person then it means a believer but when it is used for Allah then it means the giver of peace and security.

I also came to know that the word momin comes from emaan and emaan comes from Aman… peace and security…

So I realized for the first time that we can have peace only when we have strong emaan…and if we feel insecure then it means our emaan is weak or incomplete…

So it means that aman is for someone who is a momin… and a momin is one who has peace within his heart and so he is a giver of peace too…

That is why our Prophet (s.a.w) said that a believer is one from whose hands and tongue other people feel safe.

Thus if we want Allah to give us peace and security then we have to give it to others too…

May Allah make us true believers… ameen


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