the real hurdle

What a great contrast it is that for some people learning about Allah and His Book and His Messenger (ﷺ) is such a pleasure and comfort for their hearts… but the same thing is so difficult for others… they don’t even want to hear about it…why?

The reason is that when we know the benefit of something only then we truly understand its importance. And when we admit that it is important only then we take steps to implement it in our lives.

But then there is a great barrier inside us that even though we know fully well the benefit of something and we understand its importance too… still we don’t do it because we feel it is too uncomfortable or difficult. Or that we might have to give up our comfort or other pleasures.

Now there are two kinds of people…

Some will accept this weakness and they will try to overcome it by constantly motivating themselves to follow the beneficial way of life… this motivation strengthens their will power and determination. Thus they achieve their goals and truly lead a productive life which benefits them and those around them too.

But then there are some who will not admit their weakness due to their ego and so they will try to prove that whatever they are doing in life is the best and they have no need to change. So instead of fighting their weaknesses, they begin to fight the truth itself.

So the first step towards improvement is to develop the ability to see yourself as you are… to understand and admit that we are all full of weaknesses… and we need Allah’s constant guidance to help us become better and better so that we may lead a life that benefits us and those around us as well.


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