the need to learn…

There is a debate going on inside my heart and mind for over a month and I have been meaning to write on this topic ever since I was asked this question by someone… but you know how we keep delaying things that are difficult … not realizing that the more we delay them the more difficult they become until a point comes when they become too big for us to handle and so we simply throw them aside…

This is exactly what happened to me as well… I just kept thinking about it but couldn’t push myself to get my thoughts in words…

And just now when I turned on the computer and felt the quietness around me and the comfort of the chair I am sitting in… no pain in my back or knees (for a change!!)…this realization just filled my heart with so much love and gratitude for Allah but then it also forced me to think how little I do to thank him? How many things I keep delaying?

And so I remembered this long awaited article that I had promised myself to write…

The best time to write it was the day it had first come to my mind… but the second best time to do it is… now!!!

Actually there was this question asked by someone who really didn’t want to listen to the answer!!! And so I was forced to remain quiet but that doesn’t mean that my mind also remained quiet… in fact the more quiet you become the more your inner dialogue gets active and aloud!!

The question put across to me was: “why do you have to go to attend lectures when you have already listened to so many of them? What else do you need to learn when you have already studied the Quran? When someone is shown the straight path then they should just walk on it… why keep asking for directions?”

Sometimes people ask you a question because they want to clarify some confusion. Sometimes they want to understand something… and sometimes they just want to make you feel how absurd your actions are… they think you are just foolish or something… so they try to prove it through such questions…But no matter what the intention is, I nevertheless thought it to be a good question which needs to be answered because there might be many eager students of knowledge who have been stopped from going to the institutions of learning simply because their guardians and families don’t understand why they need to learn at all…why do they keep on asking for more!!

You know the simple answer is to ask a question: when does your worldly education come to an end? Even when you get a job you still keep updating your knowledge… why? Weren’t your earlier degrees enough? Why isn’t a simple MBBS enough for a doctor? Why do they specialize?

The problem is that we all see the worldly benefits of our worldly endeavors therefore no one will ask these questions. No one will criticize you… rather they will encourage and congratulate you if you want to acquire more and yet more…

But the benefits of learning the Quran and Hadith are not that apparent… except to those who have tasted its sweetness!! So how can I convince you of the sweetness of honey if you do not taste it yourself? I can bring in lots of witnesses who will testify but you can simply call them all liars or fools just to prove yourself right.

Or I can make you read articles that prove the benefits of honey so maybe you will believe it too… but then how many times do I need to take honey for achieving good health? Is one teaspoon enough for a week? Or maybe a month? Or a year?

Of course there are things that we need for a day or two only… like some high potency medicine… but there are things that we need daily and forever… like food… like water… like the air we breath!

And the need of our heart to be reminded about Allah is greater than the need of our bodies for the physical things…

People who live in slums get used to the filth around them… and perhaps many of them would say that they don’t need cleanliness…

But it doesn’t mean that we can do without cleanliness… or that if we cleaned our house well and good then we can throw away the broom because we don’t need to clean it again!!

The heart is even more in need of constant cleaning and purification than our bodies or our homes… nothing can clean it except the remembrance of Allah… and the company of the righteous people.

just the way our bodies are in constant need of food and water… similarly our need to learn can never end. Because it is not just information that we seek… rather it is the constant motivation and inspiration that we need to keep on moving on the straight path. Believing in Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w) is not a one time thing… rather it keeps growing stronger with every word that you learn from the Quran and hadith…

And then the most important thing is the relationship we have with Allah… how can it be sustained without listening to his words? He has himself prescribed to us five daily time slots in which to cut ourselves off from this world and its distractions and connect to him… what is that one dua that we ask him in every rakah? It is nothing else except the guidance to the straight path!!! So it proves that we cannot walk on the path to success without asking for his help at each and every step of the way… every day till the end of life…  

I will write more on it in-sha-Allah…for today this will have to do as a starter… our job is to convey the truth in the best way that we can… to make it reach the hearts of people is something which we can ONLY pray to Allah for…

May Allah make us see the truth and to follow it

May Allah make us realize what is false and help us to stay away from it… ameen


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