Imagine a platter of food in front of two people… but they are not eating because there is an argument going on between the two of them… one of them claims that this food is rotten and not edible but the other is hundred percent sure that the food is absolutely fresh and full of goodness… how can this issue be resolved? It won’t take very high intelligence to come up with this obvious solution… smell the food and you will know whether it is good or bad… taste it a bit and you will know…but what if the one who wants to throw this food away based on his suspicion doesn’t want to even check whether his claim is right or wrong? What if he just wants to impose his verdict and doesn’t allow any analysis or reasoning?

Then most probably he doesn’t have any appetite… because a person who is hungry cannot throw away perfectly good food… unless he is so bent on proving himself right that he can bear to remain hungry just for the sake of being the decision maker… or the winner!

But what is the result except that both of them will remain hungry…?

Although this seems kind of a silly example because you would think how can there be someone so stubborn and unreasonable? But really if you observe the situation around you there will be a number of such cases in which people will not even listen to any reasoning… they will not analyze anything before issuing their verdict…

But remember that true greatness can only be achieved through humbleness and gentleness… you can win arguments with a haughty attitude but winning hearts is more important and that can be done only when you help others win:) 


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