choose and pay…

You are free to choose but no choice is free…

This quote I heard in a lecture by Mirza Yawar Baig, and I felt like it is not just a nice sounding quote but the very basic reality of our life. Because every step that we take demands a decision or a choice… and it does not simply happen when we are about to venture on some important turning point in our journey of life like choosing our career or choosing a spouse… rather every single day and every single task that we do is something that we should think about clearly and not simply do things mechanically but to carefully choose whether to do it or not… but then it will require some mental exercise to come up with some good reason to do it or some valid reason for not doing it… because these little choices throughout the day determine the direction and productivity of not just a day but eventually these days add up to become weeks, months and years.

And so the most important thing to consider before making any choice whether big or small… is that we are free to choose but the choices are not free… because all choices come with a price tag whether we realize or not.

If I choose to plan my tasks and do everything on time then the price is the pain of discipline and giving up idle pleasures… but if I choose to enjoy and entertain my nafs most of the time then the price is lack of accomplishment…

If I choose to earn Allah’s love and mercy by helping others then the price is paid through some self sacrifice of personal convenience. But if I choose to live a selfish life then the price is dissatisfaction, isolation and depression.

Similarly If I choose to earn a palace in Jannah by suppressing and controlling my anger when someone is unfair to me… then the price is the pain of patience… but if I choose to flare up and be angry thinking that it is my right to do so… then the price is the pain of regret…

So when you make any choice whatsoever; remember no choice is free so carefully examine the price tag whether you can afford it or not?


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