the power of “now”

Today it will be accepted from you

Even if it is equal to the weight of an atom

Tomorrow it will not be accepted from you

Even if it is equal to an earth filled with gold

This is the eye opening quote which I received on whatsapp today…

As human beings what is it that we need the most? It is acceptance…

Because you see it is this need of acceptance that drives us to do so many things which otherwise we wouldn’t do.

Most of us want to be accepted by people so we follow the trends and do all sorts of things to be able to fit in.

But a believer wants first and foremost to be accepted by Allah… and so he does all his worship and other good deeds for the pleasure of Allah.

But often I find myself procrastinating and not doing enough for Allah… sometimes it is laziness or exhaustion or weakness… but really these are all excuses and hidden underneath all these “ reasons” is the real reason and that is of not realizing the worth of good deeds. The shaitan makes me think that this good deed that I am about to do is not good enough… while other more intelligent and more resourceful people are doing so much great work for Allah… and really Jannah is for them… so what do you hope to achieve by these meager efforts?

The problem is that we think that these thoughts are our own evaluation and so we don’t fight them… however the fact is that these are just the tricks of shaitan to make us feel hopeless…

The result is lack of enthusiasm… lack of energy… lack of action… which results is further sense of loss and regret.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to internalize the fact that there are two most precious things which we have been blessed by Allah:

  • The first is the blessing of time.

  • The second blessing is a variety of good deeds which Allah has taught us in the Quran and through the Sunnah of His Messenger (s.a.w)

Now our success lies in connecting these two blessings…

And it will become an exciting endeavor for us if we stop worrying about the “size” of our deeds and focus on multiplying each and every moment of our existence in one good deed or the other… no matter how small it seems…

Because a penny we spend today in the pleasure of Allah is worth more than we can imagine…

We lose these opportunities of small deeds because we don’t realize how needy we will be on the day of judgement…

Today we become stingy for small things and don’t share our blessings with others but on the day of judgement when the reality will become clear to us then all our stinginess will vanish and we will be dying to give all the gold that can fill the earth… but Allah will not accept anything on that day.

So I ask Allah to help us all remember the worth of our time and the worth of good deeds so that we can collect these little gems which will become a treasure on our scales… in sha Allah


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