Am I a part of the problem or the solution?

“If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem”

We often think that if people are doing something wrong then its their fault and since we were not involved in that wrong act then its not our concern what the consequences might be… but the truth is that whenever we see something that is not right then we must take it as a responsibility that we have to think of some solution and try our best to make whatever effort we can to put it right. There is no such thing as being neutral… either you are part of the solution or you will be counted as part of the problem.

For example a mother is scolding her child for no good reason and that too in front of others… we might keep looking on as silent spectators thinking that it is their private matter… but since we are witnessing this act then our reactions are being watched by Allah.

So how should we act? Should we start scolding the mom that why is she being so harsh? Of course that will spoil things even more… so we have to use some indirect method with which we can divert her attention without making her feel embarrassed. Later we might even present her with a book about child psychology etc!!!

However little might be the step but we have to take it and do whatever is in our capacity because even if it is not effective at least Allah will count it as a good deed that we did what we should have done.

But then we need to be very careful that when we are trying to make things right, it should be done in a way that brings us closer to solutions and not to worsen the problem with hasty behavior…

May Allah give us the softness of heart which makes us realize the problems and may he give us the wisdom with which we can take the best steps towards the solutions… ameen


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