the cool shade…

We often read and hear about the absolute power and authority of Allah and we know for sure that He is completely perfect in His being such that he doesn’t need anything to complete His majesty… he is above and beyond any need of our worship… If he has made it obligatory upon us to worship him its because we are in need of these rituals through which we can attain the certainty and conviction of his mercy and support… so that we might always remain aware of his love and care for us… so that we can always feel secure in his never ending help and mercy…

To know these facts is one thing but you cannot feel the true conviction until and unless you come close to him in the various acts of worship like salah and recitation of Quran… the heart will not be able to feel his assuring presence unless you remember him with the various azkaar and duas.

It makes me think that just like on the day of judgement there is going to be intense heat and the only shade will be under the throne of Allah and only those people will be allowed to stand in its shade who have earned this special privilege through their utmost obedience of Allah and their sacrifices in the way of Allah…

Similarly in this world there is this intense heat of the various problems which have made life miserable for the mankind and only those people are saved from this chaos and insecrity whose hearts have found the shade of Allah’s love… truly there is no other shade except the shade of Allah’s obedience and remebrance.


4 thoughts on “the cool shade…

  1. Assalamu alaikkum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu.
    is there ant way to contact the author ( seek
    er’ s path )whose posts has helped me so much !
    May Allah bless her

    Jezakallah khair

    • JazakAllah khairan for giving me your feedback. It means a lot to me that Allah made my humble efforts beneficial for someone:))

  2. Subkhan Allah!

    What a candid solution for the world and the hereafter, I beg to Almighty Allah to stick me and every one to this lofty approach, a great work indeed. May Almighty Allah bless you for sharing these diamonds.

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