taubah and pleasure?

I have been talking and thinking and writing about the topic of taubah for the past week or so and the more I apply it the more I feel it obligatory upon myself to share the profound effect it can have in a person’s life. No wonder Allah has commanded us to do taubah so many times in the Quran and gave us so many incentives in the form of the blessings that Allah has promised for all those who do taubah.

Unfortunately we don’t realize how much love and mercy Allah has for us… just imagine for a second that while working in an office you make some blunder that spoiled the whole project or whatever… and you report to your boss about what happened and you try to apologize to him but what reaction do you expect? Do you think he will love and respect you more? Do you think he will shower you with gifts? Absolutely NOT… the most you can expect is that he doesn’t fire you right away… but love? Mercy? Kindness? Gifts?

This is a privilege you get nowhere except from Allah the Most merciful… you make a mistake and you turn to him and genuinely express your remorse and guilt and he forgives you… not only does he wipe it off your book of deeds but he also takes its burden off your heart… making you feel so fresh and rejuvenated… so that you can start walking on the path of goodness once again with a new energy and optimism…

But what if you make a mistake again? No problem at all… just repent again and be genuine in your desire to be good after that… He won’t refuse taubah even if you fall into error again and again… because he didn’t create us error-free and neither does he want us to be perfect… the only thing required from us is that we are sincerely striving to remain on the right track… and this will be evident from our efforts to come close to Allah through acquiring knowledge about Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w) in seeking knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah… in striving to come close to Allah through his worship and through serving other people and sharing with them what Allah has blessed us with.

But mostly we think taubah is only done when you commit a sin… whereas it is something that we need all the time; in all that we do…

For example you are blessed with the taufeeq to pray five times a day but obviously there will be mistakes in our salah… or maybe we lack in concentration… or lack in true feeling… or maybe we just perform actions without really going into its true spirit…

So this kind of prayer which is falling short of the required standard will not be able to fulfill your heart and soul and you will remain dissatisfied until it can even become a burden… a duty that HAS to be thrown off the shoulder… instead of being the coolness of your eyes and the pleasure of your soul…

So will you go on without doing taubah? Some of you might be shocked that we need to do taubah for a righteous act like salah? But really all we need is to sincerely ask Allah to forgive us for our lack of knowledge about salah and our lack of feeling… and beg him to guide us so that we can truly experience this great blessing of meeting with him… so that we can find the tranquility of the heart and soul which we miss so much…

Just doing taubah from our shortcoming in this one act around which our lives revolve, can change your whole attitude about worship… and taubah really is a change in the direction which we need desperately…

Save yourself and turn to Him… you will find a welcome that you never thought of!!!


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