come back NOW

Feeling really and truly guilty for your sins, your errors or your shortcomings cannot happen until you stop blaming others and start analyzing your own self for a change!!

But you know what? Shaitan won’t leave you alone even after you cross the hurdle of self-righteousness and self-justifications… because the moment you start seeing your mistakes he will begin to make you feel one of the two things:

First he will make you feel so bad that you will get into total despair that now everything is over and nothing can be done

Secondly when you realize that you are not actually doing anything to make things right then he will put this justification in your mind that you are so much better than so many other people who don’t even realize their mistakes… at least you are good enough to accept your sins… So he makes you go round and round in circles without letting you accomplish anything in life… and the void in your heart due to lack of purpose and direction keeps getting deeper and more painful with the passage of time… and the shaitan is so happy to fill it with even more doubts and confusions… making you weaker and weaker… miserable and more miserable!!!

So what then is the solution? Where do we find true salvation?

The solution is in taubah… which means to turn back to Allah… not tomorrow… not even after the next salah… but right NOW… because Allah’s door is always open… you just need to walk right in…

When you go to him with a sincere desire to be forgiven… you will find Him to be most merciful and most forgiving…

It is a gift of Allah that just as He sent down water for us which makes us clean again and again… similarly he gave us the gift of taubah with which we wash our hearts again and again…

Because just as our bodies cannot remain pure and we have to keep washing them to remain in a state of purity… similarly our hearts will keep getting contaminated with our sins and the only solution is to keep washing them with taubah…

And taubah is something that we all need…

The sinners need it to come back to the straight path

The ones in the middle, sometimes doing good and sometimes falling into sins need taubah to make sincere intentions and enter Islam whole heartedly

And the ones who pride themselves on being wholehearted servants of Allah and His religion need taubah to cleanse themselves from their pride

So you see whichever category you belong to, you need to constantly come back to Allah to ask: am I doing alright? Please forgive me because I can never be completely alright…


2 thoughts on “come back NOW

  1. Asslamualikum,

    I love the piece of wisdom you have poured in my heart. It is a fact finding episode of mine and many others. I pray for you for gifting us with such an inspiration!

  2. JazakAllah khairan for letting me know that my humble effort of writing has been beneficial for you. Indeed all good is from Allah and our job is to serve him to the best of our abilities that he has blessed us with. May Allah accept it Ameen

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