the guilt trip

The feeling of guilt and remorse is the first step towards true repentance but it is not good enough in itself… and so one should not keep holding onto it… rather we should use this guilt as a pushing force to return to Allah by admitting to Him our faults and asking His forgiveness and begging to Him to take us back under the shade of His Love and Mercy…

Because if we just keep feeling bad about our lack of faith or lack of good deeds… without taking further action about it then this guilt can kill our motivation altogether and make us totally lose hope in ourselves and in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah.

Just like a burning matchstick…

If you don’t turn on the stove with it and just stand there staring at its flame without doing anything then its surely going to burn your hand!!

And as soon as it starts burning your skin your immediate reaction will be to throw it away…

Similarly guilt is a painful emotion that burns you if you do not put it to use… either it will burn your positivity or you will throw it away completely… and you know when someone stops feeling guilty for his sins then the biggest problem is that this person will not do taubah… and will remain lost in illusions that can neither bring him any REAL pleasure nor any REAL success…

May Allah forgive us and protect our hearts from becoming oblivious to reality… ameen


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