are we so bad?

When we hear the word Taubah… or repentance we think that it is a requirement of the one who does sins… and so if you advise someone to make istighfar and do taubah then that person might think that you are accusing him of being so misguided or sinful…

While the fact is that our beloved Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) always used to repent to Allah even though he was free from sins… yet he would constantly ask Allah for forgiveness even when he was sitting with his companions… why? Because he (s.a.w) was so conscious of the fact that as human beings we are not capable of worshipping Allah to the extent that he deserves… and this feeling made him repent to Allah again and again.

But look at us how ignorant we are about the status of Allah that whatever little we do in terms of His worship and other good deeds we assume that it is good enough… because we do not compare our standard of worship with the magnificence of Allah… His power and His might… His mercy and compassion…

Rather we keep comparing our level of faith and deeds with those who are further down the road… the ones whom we assume to be less pious and less faithful than ourselves… and obviously if the standards of our comparison are so low then our own level of righteousness will continue to delude us and consequently we will remain so ignorant of our flaws and be full of a false sense of superiority which goes totally against the required state of a believer that he should be always sincerely humble towards Allah…

This is very dangerous because the quality which is a guarantee for failure is “self-righteousness” no matter how talented you are…

Whereas the quality which guarantees success is humbleness… no matter how inadequate you might be… because it is humbleness that will lead you to do sincere taubah and it is taubah through which Allah will guide you to greater heights of faith and good deeds which will lead you to success in-sha-Allah


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