what do you say after reading Quran…

Normally when I complete my daily recitation of Quran I finish it off by reading duas from a small booklet which makes me focus on asking Allah for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with His book… and also to seek maximum benefit from Quran in my life in this world, in the grave and in the hereafter too. Today when I was just making the same duas… somehow I was reminded of the words of my teacher who once said that after reading Quran you should always pray for your parents because that is a time of great acceptance and blessing… and of course our parents deserve our best duas… and so I immediately started making dua for their health and imaan and well being in all things… and then I thought of my grandmother who was my first teacher of Quran and so I was at once filled with so much love and gratitude for her and so asked Allah to fill her grave with noor and blessings… this led me to a whole series of memories in which I remembered all those people who in one way or the other connected me to the Quran… whether directly or indirectly and I made dua for them all… and the amazing thing was that the more I remembered these people and their contribution in my life the more blessed I felt… it was a dazzling moment of realization of how Allah made all those people help me and created so many other factors which made it possible for me to read Quran and to understand Allah’s message and to feel its impact on my heart and soul… The list of these people was so long that I was to count them I could not do so…!!!

And then I thought that if this one moment of contemplation can fill me with so much gratitude and admiration for Allah then what would be the state of heart of such a person who remembers these favours every day? how much coolness he must have in his heart… how much tranquility… how much peace?

So whenever we feel let down by others or we feel disappointed with their attitude its because we only focus on the negative things… because if we remember these favours by countless people then we would not care if a few of them do not show us the kindness or courtesy which we think we deserve. Its not a big deal really!!!


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