Is Duniya Bad?

Does Allah command us to have nothing to do with duniya? Why is it such a big deal to not make Duniya as your goal? Should we stop working or earning money? Is money a bad thing?

Having posted my last article yesterday I was reminded of a lot of conversations with people who get so defensive if you remind them that duniya is not supposed to be your goal… and their immediate response comes in the form of the above questions…

The answer is that earning money or wanting a good life is not at all bad but it becomes a problem when you make it a goal of your life. Because then you will spend all your time and energies in the pursuit of your worldly achievements and you will be left with no time or concern to discover the actual goal of your life… which was to earn Allah’s pleasure. Someone has rightly said that if you walk on the path of Allah and the Hereafter then the worldly achievements will also be yours because the world comes on this path too… but if you walk on the path of this world then you will lose both because the world can never satisfy you and the hereafter that was meant to fulfill you has also been lost because you never worked for it… So do your work, earn a decent living, but keep your heart attached firmly to Allah and expect your ultimate reward and pleasure from Him alone… 


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