when will that day come?

One day you will wake up and realize that this duniya will never fill the void inside you. The money will never be great enough; the house will never be big enough; the car will never be fast enough; the illegitimate relationships will never feel right. At that precise moment you will begin to realize one thing: that the emptiness this duniya has failed to complete, can only be completed by Allah. Turn back to Him NOW, for you may never come to see that day.

I received this heart moving quote yesterday and since then I am thinking how true it is but then why do not people realize or accept it especially those who have reached a mature age and have passed the major portion of their lives… surely they must have seen for themselves that after all their struggles to reach a certain level of wealth or status or whatever they had been running after all their lives… they haven’t quite succeeded in achieving that… so why don’t they accept the truth that wealth or status can never be enough… the more you get the less it will feel… so what is the reason for them to still remain in the same illusion?

And then I realized that all of their futile ambitions get transferred to their children and so they believe that whatever they have missed will now be acquired by their next generation… and so the cycle goes on and on… unless one day one of them will realize the truth and be a source of guidance for all the others too… may Allah help us to attain the right direction in our lives before it gets too late… ameen


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