Say it like you mean it…

The other day my heart was so full of pain due to a problem that has been bothering me for so long and despite all my duas and efforts there seems to be no way out. You know how sometimes the same painful thought can crawl back to the far corner of the heart and even though you can feel its presence yet the pain is bearable because you sort of become used to it. And other times these same problems just bounce back to the forefront of your thoughts and you feel like there has to be a solution at once otherwise you are just going to burst with pain… obviously it is the favourite sport of our enemy the shaitaan… who loves to make us miserable and so we react just like he wants us to… we cry… we complain… we express resentment and try to put the blame on others… most of the time the recipient of our anger are the very same people whom we love and cannot bear to have them in any trouble but ironically we literally dump all our negative feelings on them… making the whole environment sour and miserable… how foolish it all is and yet at the height of our emotions we fail to see it like this and we assume like we are justified in all that we say…
Well coming back to my story what happened was that as the waves of frustration and anger built up into a hot ball of fire inside my heart… I remained quiet and asked Allah for help… and guess what? The most amazing thing happened that instead of complaining about my helplessness as I normally do… I just said to myself in an audible voice: “you know Allah is going to give me such a great solution that I will be simply overwhelmed by His love and mercy”
These words sound so ordinary and simple… and yet the effect was EXTRAORDINARY… I literally felt like some other voice had said that to me… as if it was a good news from Allah himself  and I felt so happy, so excited as if looking forward to what Allah had promised to me… Really I cannot express the feeling… it was like cool rain after a long hot spell…
And the most amazing thing is that the very next day someone shared a dua on whatsapp which I had never heard before but had the same meaning to what I had said in my own words…!!
This post of mine was to share with you all the same dua… here it goes:
Hasbunallahu Sayu’teenallahu Min Fadhlihi Innaa ilaa Rabbinaa Raghibun…
Hasbunallahu (Allah is sufficient for us)
Sayu’teenallahu min fadhlihi (very soon Allah will give us from his bounty)
Inna ilaa Rabbina raghibun (indeed we are eagerly inclined towards our Rabb)


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