Conviction leads to action

You can only acquire good habits if you believe that you desperately need to have them in your life. Because if we have even the slightest idea that we can do very well without something then we don’t really make any effort to achieve it… especially if we have to work hard for it… or if we have to give up something that we love.
Just like if you want to eat healthy and be strong but then the love of sugary deserts does not let you pursue with this goal… and so you make excuses and blame this and that but the real reason why you are not acting on your plans is that you don’t really believe you need to… and so the less you believe the more difficult it becomes to sacrifice your pleasures for it.
Same goes for all things… we need to be utterly convinced… but then who will give us the conviction? Is it going to be presented to us on a platter? Of course not… we have to work towards it too.
That is why it is so important to increase our knowledge… because the more you are exposed to a fact the more your heart becomes receptive to it.
May Allah help us to gain beneficial knowledge and also bless us with the will to act upon it so that we can truly fulfil the purpose of our lives… ameen


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