what can be WORSE than DEATH???

In our life we face various tests and trials but the most dreaded of all is death… most of us think that it is the worst thing that can happen to us or our loved ones… but did you know that there is something that is even worse than death…?

The famous scholar Ibnul Qayyim said: wasting time is wasting life and wasting life is worse than death because death only cuts you off from this world But wasting time cuts you off from your success in the hereafter.

It means that the most important thing for us should be our success in the hereafter because that is the ultimate result and reward of all our efforts and sacrifices in this world. And the more we waste time in useless and irrelevant activities the more we lose our chances to become successful…

So we should protect ourselves from wasting time even more than we protect ourselves from death… 


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