what makes animals better…

In the surah Al-Fatihah we ask Allah to guide us to the straight path so that we can become like those upon whom Allah showered his favours… and we also ask him not to let us follow the path of those upon who received Allah’s anger or who got lost.

The question is who are the people upon whom Allah sent his wrath? They were those who knew what Allah wanted them to do yet they chose not to do it… in other words the people who know and understand the commands of Allah but do not act upon them are the ones upon whom Allah is very very VERY angry…

This makes one wonder why would anyone not follow the commands of Allah when they know and understand the fact that it is going to lead them to utter humiliation and destruction? They have knowledge so why do they not act upon it? Because there is something else that is more appealing to them… something else that is so attractive and irresistible that they just cannot give it up…

And these are the worldly desires… the desire for sleep doesn’t let them leave their beds for salah… the desire for food doesn’t let them fast… the desire for accumulating wealth doesn’t let them give zakah… the desire for a comfortable life doesn’t let them go out in the way of Allah… the desire for self-praise doesn’t let them see any good in anybody else… the desire for fulfilling their personal interests doesn’t let them go out and help other people… the desire for fun and entertainment doesn’t let them observe the limits of Allah… they just want to do what they want to do without having any limits to worry about…

Allah says that these people are worse than animals because animals stop eating when they have fulfilled their need… but these people are addicted to their desires… so their hunger and thirst for this world and its attractions is never satiated…

May Allah save us from his anger and may he help us to recognize the difference between needs and desires… so that we only take from this world what we need and not become a slave to our desires…


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