the Joy of gratitude

Last year we planted a few trees in our backyard. Three of those were poplar trees which were directly outside my bedroom window. I was very excited because I love trees specially the poplars because of their dangling leaves forever ready to twirl around in joy even upon the faintest breeze.

Although all three of them were equally watered and cared for but only one of them survived… it was a tiny helpless little thing and whenever there was a windstorm or rain it seemed like it would be uprooted but even though it would be lying limp and helpless to one side still the next morning it would rise again by the will of Allah and continued to grow… in just one year it became a full grown tree… so beautiful and beloved to me… specially after this years monsoon rains its leaves were all lush and green… teaching me so many lessons about Allah’s magnificence and the amazing miracle of His creation.

One morning I was feeling very sleepy because I hadn’t slept well at night so I decided to take a nap. I fell into a deep slumber and so the noise outside my window couldn’t wake me up completely even though I could hear it in my dreams…when I finally woke up I opened the curtain to find all the branches of my lovely tree chopped off and all that remained was a tall wooden post with a cluster of small branches on the top… the feeling of shock is beyond words… How could it happen… who did it and why?

Apparently the gardener thought it needed pruning and he went wild with his axe… All day long I kept fighting the urge to express my anger… finally in the evening I sat before my window and looked at the remains of my tree… to my amazement the leaves were fluttering on its remaining branches… as if being grateful for being alive… grateful for the wind… teaching me how a true believer should behave…

Even if everything is chopped off from you still you have a lot to be grateful for… could I count the leaves that were left on the tree? Similarly the blessings that we have in our lives are countless… even if we feel like we have been deprived of so much that was ours… it was not ours to begin with… it was Allah’s and he can take it away whenever and in whatever way he wants… if he gives us anything it is for a purpose and if he takes away anything then that is also for a purpose… Our job is not to moan and groan but to be thankful for whatever we have… and if we begin to count what we have we would never be able to do so… which means that we are all so rich… no one is poor… there is nothing to be sorry for because there is always so much to be thankful for…


3 thoughts on “the Joy of gratitude

  1. JazakAllah khairan for reading and giving me your feedback too!! Its always so good to hear from you my dear friend 😊

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