Slave and Master

This morning I got very angry at someone’s irresponsible attitude but even though I did not express my anger still it was enough to weaken my spirit and to drain my energy because it was boiling inside me… how can you feel at peace or do anything productive if your heart is boiling? After all it is the heart which is the source of all your energy… your enthusiasm… and your motivation…

And then I remembered the article I had posted just a day before… about forgiving people and not letting their behavior destroy your heart…

So why was my heart so much affected even though I had not expressed any anger…??

And then I understood that when we talk of forgiving people we just assume that forgiveness is just to remain quiet and not say anything. But the fact is that remaining quiet and composed is just the first step… and it has to follow up with something else… which is to cleanse your heart of all bad feelings too…

Now how can that be done? How to not feel bad when others wrong you? How to forgive from the heart…? Because after all we must save our heart if we want to do something really productive…

And so I thought that if we try to understand the “why” behind their actions then it can become easier to take things lightly. So I asked myself why would someone not do what is supposed to be done? Why would people continue to ignore the rules and regulations? The answer that came to my mind is that we can only do the right thing if we accept the authority of those above us…

A slave can only act as a slave when he accepts the master as his master… otherwise he will act according to his own desires and do his duty whenever he feels like it… in whatever way he likes… because he is now a slave to his own will… and takes commands only from his own desires…

And as soon as this thought came to me I was reminded of my own reality as a slave of Allah… and my own attitude in His worship…

So it made me forget all about what other people do and why they do… the only thought that remained was a big question to myself:

Do I think and act like a slave of Allah?

The problem is that we all think of Allah as our Creator… we love to think of Allah as Ar-Rahman… the extremely merciful… We say we believe in the day of judgement and we want to go to the highest level of paradise… but our actions do not prove it… why?

Because we do not remember our status… we do not remember that we are just slaves and Allah is our Master… that is why we do not fear his accountability… we just fool ourselves that he is going to forgive us all because he is so merciful… not realizing that if we get so angry when someone does not accept our authority then how much right Allah has over us to get angry when we do not accept His authority…???

I wrote all this down as a reminder to myself that if I want to get rid of my lack of tolerance for other people’s careless attitude and injustices then I must divert my attention towards my own attitude… I must take all their injustices as a reminder of my duty towards Allah… How much deficient I am in fulfilling this duty and what remedy do I have except to ask forgiveness from my Master?

And I realized that it is only when I will feel the desperate need to be forgiven by Allah that I will be able to empty my heart of all the bad feelings about people…  May Allah help us all to become His true slaves… the slaves who remember all the time who their Master is…


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