do yourself a favour… just forgive them!!

We all know very well the importance of forgiving people… but most of the time we think that if we forgive other peoples rude behavior or other irritations then they will assume that its ok to treat us any way they want… and so we become defensive and reactive thinking that it will teach them a lesson but… what happens is that the situation gets even worse because very few people are willing to accept their mistakes and so they will give justifications and might even try to prove that its actually you that’s the real mischief maker!! So what will you do? You will further hurl your accusations and there will be no end to this blame game…what will you get except a lot of heart ache and loss of peace, loss of productivity…?

On the other hand if you forgive and move on with life then it is a big favour to your own self. Pray to Allah for their guidance and for their forgiveness from Allah too…this will open your heart and increase your rewards too!!

I know its difficult to swallow but the rewards of patience and forgiveness are worth all the trouble you have to go through… practice to let go and you will experience a flow of barakah in your time, energy and tranquility of your heart and soul. And these are just the benefits of this life… Imagine what rewards will be waiting for you in the hereafter…!!!



2 thoughts on “do yourself a favour… just forgive them!!

  1. My dear sister
    assalamu alaikum
    jazakil Allaho khayran for sharing your insight
    it is beneficial and in shaa Allah will be a means of reward for you.
    Continue to write to please Allah.
    May Allah accept from you.
    Barak Allah feeki

  2. JazakAllah Khairan kaseeran for your kind words of encouragement. May Allah always enable me to serve him in the best way… Ameen

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