I was at a gathering a few days back and the ladies there were sharing their experiences of Ramadan. Inevitably the talk was revolving around the food routine… what they used to have for suhoor and Iftar… and then there was some talk of what extra ibadah they did… and they all looked so satisfied with themselves… and I wondered:  “why do they appear so completely free of self doubt… how can be they so sure that they had done the best that could possibly be done?”

And then I realized that for most of the people religion is only what they have seen or heard… so they have no ideals to compare themselves with. Also the most common attitude about religion is that whatever you do is more than enough… therefore you will find people who only pray fajr being so happy with themselves and proudly announcing that they have never missed fajr… there is no remorse for missing all the other four prayers… No one in the audience will correct them on this serious error… it seems like an unwritten rule that you are not supposed to be analytical in these matters. And you dare not make any comment that might force someone to think or be uncomfortable… breaking these idols of self praise is a grave sin…

But then I thought that there has to be someone who can make them see the reality… In a beautiful manner…  originating from kindness and compassion… not to belittle them or to make them feel bad…

And so I asked them just this tiny little question: Did Ramadan bring the change in their life which they had planned? Did it bring us closer to Allah?

And the moment these words came out of my mouth… my own ears carried them to my heart and it seemed to wake up… and it seemed like a whole process of self analysis and self accountability came into action within my own soul… what change had I worked for and how much did I achieve? What can I do now to ensure that I don’t lose what I gathered? Where can I invest that goodness so that it gets multiplied instead of being wasted? Because good deeds and good thoughts and good habits are like money which loses its value if it is not invested…

So how awesome is the effect of wanting good for others… when we cross our inner and outer barriers to bring some thoughts to others then the first one to benefit is our own self…

And I guess this is why Allah wants us to spread good thoughts because it is the only way by which we can keep our own hearts alive and active!!



2 thoughts on “investment

  1. Probably what you did was one meaning of وَذَكِّرْ فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَىٰ تَنفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ
    Baarakallahu Feeki

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