the illusion of perfection

One of the ways that shaitan keeps us behind in good deeds is through the illusion of perfection. First he makes us believe that there is no use to do anything unless we can do it perfectly. And on top of it he tells us how good we are that we don’t want to settle for any thing less than perfect. And so we fall into this trap and go about our life not doing anything new other than our same old boring routine and feeling proud of being a perfectionist too!!!

Most of the time when I don’t write anything its mostly because of the same reason… the feeling that I wont be able to write anything worth reading… and so where does it get me? does it make me a better writer? Absolutely not…!!! The only thing that happens is that I get further and further away from my purpose of existence…

these and many other thoughts came to me yesterday when I was listening to a talk about the hijab and the one thing that really left a deep impression on my mind was that since covering myself was a form of worship then every time I put on my scarf and every time I fix it when it goes out of place etc…. then all these gestures are a form of worship because I am trying to please Allah by obeying him… So even when I get frustrated with myself for not being able to keep it perfectly in place and have to correct it again and again… all these gestures… all these efforts are being watched and appreciated by Allah. Because He doesn’t need us to be perfect but He loves our concern and efforts to please Him.

This made me think of all the other activities which I do for Allah but all the time the shaitan keeps discouraging me that I am not good enough and so it is no use… but I should keep in mind that it is just his trick to keep me away from my struggle… because when we do things with a defeated mind then the results cannot be good either… Therefore I should keep reminding myself that my struggles are all visible to Allah and he is being pleased with me if I am doing it for His sake. This will not only be a source of motivation but also instill a deeper consciousness and love of Allah in the heart… because it is human nature to enjoy doing things for someone who is likely to be pleased with us… as opposed to someone who is never happy with us… because for such a person every task becomes a burden of duty instead of a gesture of love.

So keep hoping for the best because there can be no pleasure without love and there can be no love where there is no hope of acceptance or appreciation…


4 thoughts on “the illusion of perfection

  1. Subhanallaah!
    As a writer, I also feel the same.
    Probably because of this ‘satanic trap’ to do things in a better way I think I keep things pending. 71 drafts and now I realise where the problem lies!
    Jazakillaah khayr for the post.

    • To keep trying for a better standard is a part of our faith as long as this feeling results in more and more productivity but when it stops us from doing our work then we should become alert that shaitan is playing with our emotions. A scholar once said something which clearly sets the target… He said that we should never aim for perfection because we will never attain it as we are not Angels… rather we should aim for excellence because this is most beloved to Allah that we keep trying to become better and better for his pleasure.

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