Istighfar opens doors… (part-2)

Yesterday I wrote about how we can get rid of our worries by seeking forgiveness from Allah… but then a comment on my article reminded me that some people can also worry on how to do istighfar… what should be the proper way to do it? So I decided to share some points which came to me…

1- The first requirement is humbleness… we should be humble enough to realize that we are not perfect and full of faults… as humans we are constantly making mistakes even when we are worshiping Allah… So when we say “Allah please forgive me” then we should also accept in our heart that we have done things which we should not have done… or that we have neglected the things which we should have done.

2- The second thing is sincerity… it should be a true feeling of the heart that we want to please Allah and therefore we want to seek forgiveness for all the past sins so that we can make a fresh start to do all those things which Allah loves.

3- We should not just be content in saying words of istighfar rather it should be our intention to make positive changes in our life by giving up sins and developing good habits.

4- fourthly this intention should be reflected in practical steps for self improvement… e.g. making a plan of studying the Quran and Hadith and pondering upon the purpose of life so that we can follow the way to success.

Having said all of this; I truly feel that for a beginner it is simply enough to learn the various duas of istighfar as taught by our Prophet (s.a.w) and to just start saying those words as soon as he feels trapped in some worry or anxiety… whether real or imaginary… simply saying Astaghfirullah with sincere helplessness and believing that Allah has the solutions to all the problems is enough at the first stage… while the deeper meanings can be understood later… i.e. when the heart finds peace and tranquility after the act of repentance. When you start applying it in your day to day life as a solution to all the worries whether big or small, emotional or materialistic, social or financial… you will recognize the fact that Allah puts us through these phases only to make us realize our faults and to come closer to Him through repentance and become free from the burden of sins… so that we can walk with a bright and joyous heart on the path that leads to success and happiness…in sha Allah 🙂


One thought on “Istighfar opens doors… (part-2)

  1. you mean that just for a start .. say the word Astaghfirullah a lot whenever we are in a worry ? as the heart is full of sins that we must purify it by saying a lot Astaghfirullah

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