what are you worrying about??

I suppose the best thing I learned these past few days was an arabic quote which I received from a very dear friend of mine… and I think it should be shared with as many people as possible because we all need it all the time!!!

It goes like this:

Do not worry a lot; rather you should do Istighfar a lot because Allah opens the doors by Istighfar which are not opened by worrying.

I applied it instantly because lately I was worrying a lot why had I not written anything for such a long time… why my routine of zikr was going so down… why I am not able to read the Quran as much as I used to do… why… why… why…

I was not able to find any solution to my problem but then I got this wonderful advice and I started to act on it… and alhamdulillah it soothed my aching heart and I began to see hope instead of being constantly miserable and doing nothing as a result… Not only did my routine improve but also I began to see the answers to all my “why’s”…

So whatever you are worrying about and not reaching any solution… understand that worrying will not open the doors… worrying cannot ease your troubles… but the act of doing sincere istighfar is something that pleases Allah and it comforts the heart because when sins are erased then the burden is lifted from our hearts and we begin to see the solutions instead of problems… and we feel optimistic and enthusiastic to do all those things which Allah loves and which bring us into the folds of his love and Rahmah. May Allah help us to stop worrying and start living the life that will make us enter into the list of Allah’s beloved people… ameen


5 thoughts on “what are you worrying about??

  1. Alhamdulillah sometimes worries become a reason for us to come closer to Allah. Just like we feel pain and then we take a medicine for healing the disease which caused the pain. Similarly worries are a sign of our inner weakness and seeking forgiveness is the medicine we need to cure the diseases of the heart and soul…

  2. Thank you for sharing this piece of wisdom to replace worries with the recitation of Istakhfar Alla. But do share the state of mind and soul to recite it befittingly to please Almighty Allah.

    • jazakAllah khairan for posting your comment. I will try and write a few words on what you have asked… but really I kept it short so that the main point gets firmly rooted in our hearts that as soon as some worry threatens to steal away our peace then we should immediately resort to the shade of Allah’s forgiveness and the protection of His mercy…

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