deeds and hearts

Out of all the bad deeds that we commit the most despicable to me is backbiting because Allah has given such a terrifying example for it… you know like eating the meat of my dead brother… what could be more disgusting and hateful than that? And yet this act is as common as people… rarely have I seen anyone who avoids it or stops others from doing it… rarely…

 And then out of all the harmful things the most destructive is pride because even a tiny grain of it can stop us from entering the paradise as is proved by the Hadith of our Prophet (s.a.w)

Why these two things keep bothering me because each of them is the cause of the other. If you have pride and you look down on people then you will constantly be finding excuses to express your negative opinions about others… and the more you talk against others the better you appear to yourself and the more pride you accumulate in your heart…

What a destructive combination it is and yet we carry on with it without blinking an eye… without a care in the world…

Ok so what got me to write about it? The thing is that often I try to find the exact reason why the great acts of worship that we do daily in the form of salah, zikr, recitation of Quran etc and yearly in the form of fasting and Zakah… and Hajj and Umrah etc… why don’t we get affected? I mean why do our dealings with people don’t improve? Why do we keep thinking bad about them? why are relationships so superficial and weak?

I got the answer in the following quote by Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah:

Between the action and the heart is a path and upon this path is a barrier which obstructs the action from reaching the heart. So there will be people with an abundance of deeds but none of these actions are able to reach their hearts. Neither love, nor fear, nor hope…

And neither indifference to this world, nor any desire or longing for the hereafter.

Because if the effects of their deeds would have reached their hearts;  then it would surely have filled them with light and enabled them to see the truth and falsehood and would have become a source of strength in their affairs.

Then between the heart and the Rabb is a path and upon this path is an obstruction which stops the deeds from reaching the Rabb…

And this obstruction is PRIDE… and self praise

And unnecessary debates (to prove yourself right)

And showing off or boasting about deeds

And forgetting the favours of people


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