Love your Home

One question which often comes to my mind is how can people be Akhirah oriented if they are all the time talking about their worldly affairs as if the mere act of doing all that stuff is not enough to satisfy them and they have to keep talking about it to fulfil some kind of need inside them to cherish and value their life…

In other words does that mean that this is what their life is to them…? Just a bunch of activities which they perform to fulfil their worldly needs and desires? Is that all life is about?

Why can’t they see that this is not the purpose of life? didn’t anybody tell them that Allah sent us here for a specific objective?

I do understand that so few people have had the opportunity to study the Quran and so we cannot expect them to know what Allah wants for them to be concerned about… But what about those who have learned each and every word of Quran and still their conversations revolve around just the world and its petty issues.

I am not saying that we should STOP thinking or talking about the world completely but surely the concern for the Akhirah should be our chief objective.

Just as if we were moving to a new house then even though we would clean and cook in our present house for the duration of our remaining time here… but our friends and family will be asking us about our preparations for the next house and this would be on our minds all the time too…

When will the truck arrive to take our furniture and stuff… how should we manage our time to complete our packing till then… How many rooms we are going to have in the new house… do we have enough things or should we buy some new items for that etc etc

This is because we love what belongs to us and so we are more concerned about the house that we are going to occupy the one which will belong to us… more than the house which is going out of our ownership…

Same is the case with this world and the hereafter. Those who truly believe that this world will be taken away from us and we are surely going to be transferred to our real home which will permanently belong to us… cannot help but thinking about the hereafter all the time… even while they live and move about in this world they feel like strangers who really don’t own any of it…

On the other hand if you stop thinking and talking about the reality then the illusion takes hold of the heart and starts appearing as reality… and this world appears as the home and all its activities become the nucleus of our thoughts and conversations…

May Allah help us to see this world as the temporary abode that it is… and enable us to visualize our permanent home in the hereafter so that it becomes the nucleus of our thoughts and our talks… So that we can work for it like it deserves to be worked for… ameen.


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