Its been almost 10 years since I did my first detailed study of the Quran and one of the best lessons I learned was the definition of wisdom. I remember how full of awe and amazement I was at the words of my teacher when she defined wisdom as the understanding to do the right thing at the right time. Previously I used to think wisdom as just another word for intelligence… but every passing day in my journey through Quran made me realize that Islam is such a practical religion…

So… If you are wise then it will be demonstrated in the actions you take… and the time you select for those actions.

And… If you have faith then it is displayed in your words and deeds

If you love Allah and His Messenger and the religion of Islam then it will also be manifest in your way of life

Therefore if you really love and value the month of Ramadan it will be reflected in how you spend your days and weeks before it… just like the arrival of any special event or a beloved guest…The greater the importance the earlier you start to prepare.

So what are the areas in which we need to prepare?

On the spiritual side I think that we need to fix our salah most of all…

and the best thing that makes my salah come alive is to recite different portions of Quran in it.

So one goal can be to fix and make strong all the surahs which we have memorised so that when Ramadan comes we can recite them in salah with full confidence, ease and pleasure… in-sha-Allah

Do share your ideas on what other things we can do to make this Ramadan really special and the very best of our lives…

May Allah help us to act on what we plan… ameen


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