What if it is your last Ramadan…

This is the title of a video lecture by Dr Tawfiq Chaudhry which I saw about 3 or 4 years ago. It was one of the most powerful talks I have ever seen because it made it so clear to me how precious time is and how crucial it is not to take it lightly.

Although most of us do recognize the coming of death and the hereafter yet very few of us really act accordingly and make the best use of their time… why is it so? 

It is because we get lost again and again into the illusion of this world and we feel like we have a lot of time on our disposal so we can use it as we want.

One quote which the scholar has shared it in this lecture is that the magic of this world is far worse than the magic of Haroot and Maroot… because their magic was used to put separation between a man and his wife… but the magic of the world puts a barrier between a man and Allah.

And if you want to check whether your heart is trapped in the love of this world or not you just have to see how many times in a day you remember the hereafter? 

How many times we talk to people in just one day and how many times we talk to Allah?

How much do we depend on our worldly treasures and how much trust we have in Allah’s treasures?

How much we sacrifice from our time and comfort for the worldly interests and how much do we sacrifice for the sake of Allah’s worship?

How much knowledge do we gain about the world and how much do we really know about Allah, His Prophet and His religion?

If you think that these equations are out of balance then be happy that the time has come to make them right:)

Yes Alhamdulillah we have already entered Rajab so we have about two months in which to make our plans and preparations for the great month of Ramadan… because that is a time for us to make amends… a time to correct our ways… a time to straighten out our priorities and to renew our faith and commitment with Almighty Allah…

And if you feel like you are not quite in the mood yet to make any plans… then just imagine all those people who were alive last Ramadan but are now lying in their graves… they did not know that it was their last Ramadan… 

And we also do not know whether it will be our last Ramadan… 

So we really need to turn back to Allah and beg for His forgiveness and Rahmah… May He allow us to witness Ramadan and to spend it in the most beneficial way… ameen


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