One of my aunts was telling me that her son who is a pilot has got a job as a trainer and now he trains pilots inside a flight simulator. It feels like being inside a real aeroplane and on the screens in front you see a view like you are actually flying. You can hear the same sounds and the feel the same movements as in a real flight. That is how they train pilots by creating an almost real experience. The only difference is that its not really happening but you feel like it all the same! Well one time this pilot took his wife and two sons to experience the simulator and his kids tried to “fly” the plane… his wife told me that it was the longest hour of her life when the flight was going all out of control by her young boys and she could almost feel like going round and round in the sky ready to crash any time… although she knew it was not going to happen in reality but she couldn’t deal with the tension which gripped her despite it being an artificial thing…

This description of her experience made me realize that all of us are facing the same dilemma in our lives. We know that the seen world is just an illusion which Allah has created to test us, yet we are so much affected by its highs and lows… And we know the reality is the hereafter but we don’t fear the hell fire nor crave for the paradise because we are so busy making a perfect life inside the simulator of this world… imagining its success to be the ultimate success and its failure to be the real loss…

And this thought made me realize that whatever good or bad happens to us is nothing but a simulation… the reality is outside of this simulator… in which we are either moving closer to Allah or getting further away from him… but we don’t see it and so we don’t care for it…

But the fact is that no matter how perfect you fly in a simulator, you don’t really get anywhere… and sooner or later you are going to get out and face the reality…

So I pray that Allah helps us to make us “see” the reality of our situation and live in a way that takes us to the real and ultimate success… ameen


4 thoughts on “Simulator…

  1. interesting blog MashaAllah 🙂 sister Shaheen where are you from if you don’t mind me asking? JazakAllahu khair and may Allah the Most Merciful bless you and your family for sharing your Islamic insights. ameen.

    wasalaam from the Philippines 🙂

    • Assalamualaikum and jazakAllah khairan for giving me such a positive feedback… I am most grateful for your duas. I am from Pakistan… and I will pray for you too my dear sister from Phillipines:):)
      wassalam and many duas

  2. MashaAllah…sister, you give the best analogy ever of our life here and hereafter in this article. Jazakillahu khairan kathiiran 🙂

    • Dear Akma… May Allah bless you for sharing your feedback. I’m truly grateful to Allah that he taught me something that I can share with you all. Do keep visiting!!

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