The inevitable announcement…

On the Friday morning of 20th march 2015 my 52 year old cousin did not wake up from sleep. Allah took his soul and he just left us without a word, Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raji’oon.

He was not sick, had no heart problem or anything. Just went to bed normally… not knowing that it will be the last time he would be lying in a bed… not knowing that he will not wake up…

But is it something that has happened only to him? Aren’t we all going to face the same thing some time sooner or later…? So then why do we not think about it? Even while we say the words at night “Allah with your name I die and I come back to life”… how many of us really and truly think that we might not wake up from this sleep? How many of us do Taubah and istighfar at night thinking that it might be our last chance to say anything to Allah?

Why does death have to be a shock for us like we have never been told about it… or warned about it?

We are shocked because we assume like it is an event that happens to others… we say we believe we are also going to die but our hearts really don’t want to believe…

And that is why death remains a subject that never comes up in our conversations… an event that we never prepare for… a certainty which we just don’t want to think about…

And that is why we are so deeply shocked and disturbed when it comes… like it is some cruel thing which should not have happened…

We say the words inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon… and some of us even know the meaning… but do we really think of ourselves as “belongings” of Allah? Do we really accept the fact that our owner has the right to take us back?

It is definitely sad to face the departure of a loved one… the heart will break… the tears will come… but we would not be utterly devastated if our link to Allah was strong… If we could find comfort in the fact that it is Allah who really and truly loves us and will never leave us…

But we think that people are our supports and so when that “support” is taken away then we feel like totally helpless and alone…

Death surely is a painful event but it would be so much more easier to bear if we live with full realization of the fact that this world is just a temporary abode from which we can be called back anytime… and it would not seem to be such a loss if we had hope and enthusiasm for that never ending life which Allah has promised to us…

Didn’t our Prophet (s.a.w) advice us about the best way to live?

He said “Live in this world like a stranger or a traveller on his way”

Would a traveller be devastated when his flight is announced? He might cry when he is saying goodbye to his loved ones who he is leaving behind but his bags were already packed… he was prepared to leave… he knew that the announcement will be made any moment…

Are we also prepared for that announcement? 


2 thoughts on “The inevitable announcement…

  1. aoa wr wb dear Sh,
    Jazakillahu min ahsan al jaza for the reminder that never loses its importance no matter how many times it is re-learnt.

    dua go and dua jo,

  2. there was so much I wanted to say but words don’t come easy to me… thanks for your comment and may Allah bless you ameen

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