Today I found some old piece of writing on a small card… it was just one sentence but really gave me a clue to understanding a lot of things. This is what it said:

Ingratitude is not just about complaining that things are not what you would like them to be, rather it is also when you do not express gratitude for all that Allah is giving you at any moment in your life.

It means that when we are not being grateful… it is a sign of ingratitude even if we are not verbally being ungrateful.

On surface it seems rather an unfair statement that if I am not grumbling or complaining then why should I be called ungrateful? But it you look into it deeply then you will realize the truth of it…

Imagine someone gives you a gift and you don’t show happiness, nor give any thanks… just take it without any reaction, any response… what will you call it? obviously it would be ingratitude because you are not appreciating what you got. Not because you were complaining that the gift was not good enough…

Similarly when we take all the gifts that Allah gives us in each and every moment of our lives and we do not appreciate, nor give thanks then what can we call it except ingratitude?

People think that if they are not complaining then they are not being ungrateful… but the fact is that the absence of gratitude is ingratitude.

Being indifferent to Allah’s kindness and mercy… and not giving thanks for all the good things that we receive… doesn’t harm Allah… nor does it reduce his greatness… But the fact is that by not being appreciative, we ourselves lose the delight of these blessings… we are eating but we don’t feel the pleasure of  the taste and aroma… we are looking all around us but not enjoying the views, nor being grateful for the miracle of our sight… we listen but don’t think even for a moment what life would have been if we could not hear any sound… we breathe but never think of those on ventilators… our hearts beat but we don’t realize what a miracle it is that it keeps beating even we are asleep…

We cannot remain neutral… either we are appreciating the gifts or we are being ungrateful…

It makes me realize so deeply that the problems of life are not the real problem… but the fact is that being blind to Allah’s blessings… being ungrateful… is our biggest problem…



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