turn negatives into positives

Thinks about The solution.
Thinks about the problem.
Never short of ideas.
Always has excuses.
Helps others.
Expects others to help him.
Sees a solution for every problem. ู
Sees a problem in every solution.
The solution is difficult but possible.
The solution is possible but difficult.
Considers accomplishment as commitment. 
Accomplishment is not more than a promise.
Has dreams to achieve.
Has illusions and bundles of scattered dreams.
His slogan: treat people as you like them to treat you.
His slogan: deceive people before they deceive you.
Sees hope in The work.
Sees pain in the work.
Looks at the future and thinks of what is possible.
Looks at the past and thinks of what is impossible.
Chooses what he says.
Says what he chooses.
Discusses strongly in a delicate language.
Discusses weakly in a rude language.
Adheres to values and gives up trivial.
Adheres to trivial and gives up values.
He makes events.
Events make him.



4 thoughts on “turn negatives into positives

    • thanks for the comment:) forgot to add at the end that I had received this in an email years ago but don’t know the exact source.

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