Benfit and loss

There are countless benefits of raising good children and educating them about Allah and the true purpose of life but there is one benefit which I find most precious but we often overlook it… and that is the third law of motion… every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In the children’s case it is most evident that when you teach them about how to deal with life then they also remind you when they see you acting against those lessons! Now there are two ways to react to this… either you feel insulted and scold them for acting wiser than you… or you can listen carefully and appreciate them for reminding you… because we are human and we are bound to forget… specially those of us who are alone on this journey and don’t have like minded friends to support or remind them… so if you raise children with this awareness then they can act as your constant reminders if you let them be!

Today as I was beginning to get a little worried about my servant not returning from his leave and was thinking aloud as I was making breakfast: what is to be done with people who take undue advantage of your kindness? ( this I guess is the most “oft-repeated” question of all times!! ) But I was surprised when my daughter said the most amazing thing: “You don’t need to worry about that because neither do they get any benefit; nor can they give you any loss” And I laughed and said of course how simple it is but how difficult and complicated it seems apparently… All my worry was gone in an instant and my heart came back to its peaceful state as soon as I realized the reality of it…

How often we face this dilemma in life that people seem to be using us or trying to get benefits at our cost and this makes us irritated and resentful… and even if we don’t express openly or keep trying to do good but there occurs a constriction in the heart which doesn’t let us enjoy the act of being generous to others…

So today I found this easy solution to put my heart at rest… to remind myself that no one can give me any loss except by the will of Allah… they will get only that which Allah has written for them and if they try to get it in an unjustified way then it is their loss not mine… Allah is the best one to judge and the best one to compensate:)


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