To attain consciousness of Allah

I often ask myself how can I attain a never ending consciousness of Allah…

How to never forget Him even for the blink of an eye?

Is that humanly possible?

Today Alhamdulillah I got the answer to this question when I was talking to my children and was telling them about Allah’s remembrance…

and it occurred to me how in so many ahadith, our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) said the words:

“By Allah in whose hands is my life…”

and I said to my son that if someone was holding you by the neck would you be attracted to anything else except the one who is holding your neck?

even otherwise when we think that our life depends on someone… or something… then that person or thing becomes the nucleus of our life and we can never be totally forgetful of it…

So this is the key of being mindful of Allah… that we should realize and keep reminding ourselves that our life is in his hands… he can put an end to it in less than an instant…

So how can we be forgetful of him?

How can we give preference to any other thing over His obedience and His pleasure?

Surely the only reason why we are distracted from his remembrance is that we think we own our life… and we don’t remember that it is in His hands all the time whether we realize it or not.


2 thoughts on “To attain consciousness of Allah

  1. I really like this post. Remembering that our life is in Allah’s hands and control is a very effective way to remember Him at all times, insha’Allah. JazakAllah khair once again for sharing your blessed ideas!

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