prevention is better than cure

It is so amazing that I got an unexpected lesson from Allah after I posted my last article about how we lose temper because Allah wants to teach us to remain humble… well what happened was that after a long gap of being on my best behaviour, I got into such a situation where I lost temper… and got so angry that I just couldn’t hold onto my patience… and so of course I really felt like I had destroyed all the goodness which I had built upon… like sometimes children build huge buildings with blocks or sand then with one kick, everything comes down at once…

But why is my self control so weak… why did I forget that negative reactions are totally against the pleasure of Allah… Now what am I going to do… how will I put things right with Allah again? will he forgive me? will he let me be good again? Anyway with a broken heart full of guilt and eyes full of tears I sat down to pray for forgiveness… I was too distracted to know what I was saying but I just picked up one book after the other to read duas which might grant me forgiveness from my Allah…I almost felt like I was in a fever due to this sudden jolt in the peace of my heart… like getting badly bruised after a fall… well to cut a long tale short, I found a dua in a card (titled Naala-e-neem shab by Khurram Murad) which seemed to shine out of it due to its perfect words which seemed to give me a long awaited clue to this mystery that how can we be saved from the bad habits that were acquired in a lifetime of heedlessness…

Because in my own experience I have found that the danger of losing control increases when the situation gets tough and the heart is constricted due to some extraordinary pressure. So I used to ask myself how could I take precautions which would make me cross such situations with self control and calmness… like a true believer…??

well I got the answer in this dua… and I feel like if we keep on asking Allah this dua in times of peace then He will give us enough clarity of mind and self control that emits from it… when we need it most… and here is that beautiful dua:

Allahumma khuz bi-yadi fil madaa’iqi… wakshif li wujuhal haqaaiqi… wa waffiqni lima tuhibbu wa tardha…

“Ya Allah hold my hand in times of difficulties and constriction and open before me the various dimensions of the realities and guide me towards that which you love and which pleases you… ameen”

This dua taught me that Allah does not expect us to deal with life’s tests on our own because that is beyond our capacity! We can only retain our composure with His help. We need Him to hold our hand, to make us understand the reality of the situation and then to act in the best way that pleases Him… May Allah help us all… ameen 


2 thoughts on “prevention is better than cure

  1. I am myself so amazed that I have been reading from this card for some time but never really appreciated the deepness of this dua… I guess we appreciate things when we really need them:)

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