why do we fall?

A lady was telling her friend that although she is always trying to control her anger and do sabr but no matter how hard she tries, whenever she faces any difficulty she just forgets all her resolutions and unintentionally ruins all her efforts of goodness by harsh words… angry words…

This is a common complaint which we hear from others and even from our own mouth we hear “excuses” like this for our negative behaviour… like “I didn’t mean to say it” OR “I don’t know how it happened that I lost my temper in such a bad way”…

In fact I am often facing this dilemma myself, that on one hand I am listening to good lectures all the time and reading books with the intention of developing good habits… I make notes and then plan to implement the lessons that I learn but when the going gets tough and I feel trapped or threatened by any external pressure then all the lessons are forgotten and I become impatient…

I keep asking myself what’s the reason for this? Why can’t I act consistently on what I learn?

Coming back to the lady I was talking about… what she said next made me sit up…

She said “I don’t know why doesn’t Allah help me to stay good? Why doesn’t he stop me from making mistakes? After all I have been doing so much hard work all these years…” 

And I thought to myself that this is the underlying problem which we hardly ever recognize… when we say that every act of goodness is done with Allah’s taufeeq… we forget that it is a sign of gratitude for the things that have been done… so that we remain aware of our humble status… and remain free from arrogance. Not that we blame Allah for our mistakes…

If we work hard to improve ourselves… that is also a taufeeq of Allah for which we should be grateful and not become arrogant that I am so good that now Allah “SHOULD” save me from error. In fact this very arrogance is the poison from which Allah wants to save us… that is why he did not grant us perfection and we keep falling again and again…

So the key to success is not to become error free… but to become excellent even after having done something wrong. Slipping and falling down on the road might not be in your control but how gracefully and quickly you get up and put yourself back in order and start moving again… that’s where you apply your lessons of Taubah, Istighfaar and back on the road to Jannah… all with the help and taufeeq of Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala:) 


6 thoughts on “why do we fall?

    • Assalamualaikum and welcome to my blog… alhamdulillah all praise is for Allah who gives us the taufeeq to spread His message. JazakAllah khairan for your duas…

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