transform other people’s mistakes into gifts:)

I was raised among people who had a high sense of justice and fairness… and that is something which I grew up with and sort of took it for granted that the whole world was running according to the same rules which I had learned… needless to say that when I entered practical life I found the opposite… and so I was always reacting to one injustice or the other… always in a sort of protest… sometimes spoken and most of the time silent…

When I sought advice from the Quran and Hadith, I was surprised to discover that Allah wants us to control our own reactions and be forgiving and give others space… while at the same time we were expected to be not just fair to others but also to go one step beyond that and actually do favours upon them… by giving them more than they deserve and not even expecting any reciprocation!!!

This was a totally new thing for me… and if I did not have such a strong faith in my Allah’s justice, I would have not accepted this formula at all…

But gradually and slowly I have realized the awesome favour of Allah upon us that he commands us to forgive others and move on with our lives… because to not forgive and to keep protesting for the injustice of others is to burn in the fire of anger… and why should we punish our own hearts for some wrong which we did not do?

Even when we dwell on other people’s double standards which they display as a routine… it doesn’t do any good at all… rather all it does is to hurt and hurt…

Therefore the best thing is to realize that analysing other people’s injustice does not benefit us in any way… rather it takes undue toll from our life, our time, our energy and consequently our opportunities to do something good for the hereafter…

We only have a limited number of breaths that we can take in this world… a very short span of time in which to build a safe house in the paradise… so how can we even think of spending these precious moments in discussing other people’s misdeeds?

So when you are hurt by someone just praise Allah that He is totally just and fair and so He will compensate you for any pain or loss that you have to bear… so be patient and forgiving and transform other people’s mistakes into gifts for your hereafter because Allah has promised great and unimaginable rewards for those who are patient and forgiving for others…

May Allah help me and you to remember this so that we might save our breaths for more important work and leave the judgement about people to Allah… who is the best judge and the best one to care for all our affairs… ameen


4 thoughts on “transform other people’s mistakes into gifts:)

  1. Mash’Allah what a beautiful post. Truly Allah (swt) is the best judge and He rewards us for being patient and forgiving to others. May Allah (swt) help us to live up to the high standards of our faith.

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