The beautiful advice

This morning when I was having my cup of tea along with a book to read… I did not know that the words which I will read will have such a strong impact on my mind. In fact the whole day I was under their influence… so deep was their effect that I was stunned…

The book is in urdu… titled “shahrah-e-Afiyat”. Shahrah means highway and afiyat means safety, protection, peace…

It is a collection of letters of advice from people of faith and intellect to their next generation. At the end of the book is the advice which Khurram Murad (May Allah bless his soul) wrote for his children a few months before his death.

This advice or last will has been published separately too and I had the advantage of reading it a few years back. I was quite impressed by it because I had never imagined someone to write such lovely words of solace and comfort for his children so that they could find guidance in their time of grief… guidance for their emotions, as well as for their worldly and religious obligations.

So today when I found it as part of the book which I was reading, I was surprised and happy that I will recall all that I had read years ago… but I hadn’t anticipated that it will give me guidance and direction as if someone had written this entire chapter specially for me!!

Maybe its because the style of writing is so simple yet so deep and profound… but mostly because it is literally dripping with sincerity and good will… it seemed like someone was talking directly to me and telling me where I was going wrong and how to correct myself…

You can read it on the following link;


4 thoughts on “The beautiful advice

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum, Shukran for the beautiful posts! Is there maybe an English translation for the link you refer to in this article? Jazakallah

    • Wa Alaikum assalam…Dear Sister… it makes me so glad and grateful to Allah that my humble efforts are of some benefit to someone… I don’t know whether any translation has been done of this particular book. But your desire of reading it makes me want to translate it myself..!!! But even though I cannot to take up such an awesome task but if Allah wills I am going to write at least those points which really penetrated my heart…

  2. Asalam waliqum
    Thank you for your posts… all of them Mashallah! We learn at lot alhumdullilah
    Can we get this article translated in English. Jazakallah

    • wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah… jazakAllah khairan for writing your comment:) I cannot promise something which might be beyond my capabilities but I can certainly try to give some points at least… in sha Allah:)

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