deprivation is for a reason

 A couple of days ago I was talking to a relative and she began to tell me the never ending tale of the miseries of the cold weather with no gas… the difficulty of having no hot water in the taps… doing wudhu with the freezing water… no electricity for hours… all gloomy and no hope of any improvement…

I was really so depressed to hear all this and then I thought that why isn’t the condition of people improving? Why are there not enough resources for the common man to lead a normal comfortable life?

It’s not just the story of one person rather whoever you talk to these days has the same tale to tell… and they tell it again and again as if that is the only thing they have in their lives? And if they are so miserable and constricted then how are they going to remember Allah? How will they give thanks to Him when their hearts are so full of agonies? And what a torture it must be to live without being conscious of Allah’s mercy? How can anybody survive without feeling His immense love and generosity for His creation?

Anyway that same day we went to a wedding and there in the midst of all the comfort of having total leisure and beautiful environment… nothing to do but to eat good food and chat with friends… and still I observed that people were being ungrateful and all they could express were complaints… about how the condition of the country is so bad… how people are so rude… how cold it is… how the heating is not good enough… the food is not good enough… the service is poor… How boring it is to sit for hours doing nothing etc etc

Although I am not a big fan of the weddings myself… I get disgusted by the extravagance and total lack of Allah’s fear… the breaking of limits set by Allah… all give me a headache and heartache too… but the point here is that complaining and ingratitude is not due to lack of things… rather it is a habit… or it has become a habit…

And we forget that each word we utter is being written not just in our book of deeds but also in our hearts… so that the more we complain the more our hearts get further and further away from Allah… and the farther the hearts go the lesser they are able to see the blessings and mercy of Allah… and the lesser they will realize that Allah is loving them even when he is withholding something… because all his decisions are for our good. Even if he is depriving us… then it is for our own good… because it is through deprivation that we feel the true worth of Allah’s blessings and we can appreciate Him even more… and also we can strive more and more to please Allah so that he will forgive us our shortcomings and bless us with his mercy once again…

Therefore I learned that the problems we face are not the real problem at all… rather our problem is that we don’t use our intellect to see the mercy of Allah in all the situations that he puts us through. If we could only stop complaining and start analysing our own deeds and focus our energies on pleasing Allah then it would really give us the quality life that we desire so much… because quality life is not dependent on what we get… rather it depends on what we do in life.

May Allah help us to remain grateful and conscious for his countless favours on us… ameen


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