Brushing is not enough!

Last night as I got thankfully into bed and began to feel the comfort of the quilt as it got deliciously warm and cosy in a few minutes… I thought to myself how fortunate I am that Allah has given me this warm and comfortable bed… a roof over my head… a conscious heart which is remembering Allah… all these are blessings which fill me with so much love and gratitude for Allah. And as I was about to fall asleep, happy that I had been able to complete all the bedtime duas… I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t flossed my teeth after brushing them… as I normally do especially if I have eaten meat or some other sticky thing… My heart cried out: “Oh I just don’t want to get out into the cold again…!!”

And so I started making excuses like what does it matter if I don’t floss… even if some food particles are still hidden between the teeth what great harm can they do in one night… I can floss in the morning… relax and go to sleep!

But my conscience would not keep quiet… it brought to mind all the images of the dentist’s chair and the awful sound of the drill machine!!!

So much so that finally I had to drag myself out of the warmth of the bed and out into the cold… flossed my teeth and then got back to bed… happy that I had succeeded against my foolish weak “self”…

And with these happy thoughts I was about to go to sleep when I realized that although it is a good thing to be so careful about preventing my teeth from being decayed… but doesn’t my heart deserve the same care? How many times have I gone to sleep without seeking forgiveness from Allah for all the terrible (or even not so terrible) mistakes that I committed that day?

Do I worry that these tiny looking sins can decay my heart and eat up on my faith, just like a tiny bit of meat can destroy my teeth…

It seemed to me that Allah had made me get out of the bed exactly for this reason… to make me realize that even the small little sins can deteriorate the heart as easily and as quickly… especially if we let ourselves go to sleep without cleaning it thoroughly…

So be careful to keep your heart clean and shining… not just with brushing it with good deeds… but also by using the “floss” of Istighfar…


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