Every new beginning gives us the hope of starting a new journey with a fresh mind and bright new ideas. Be it the start of a new day, a new week, new moon or the new year… we make new goals and plans and think that somehow this year we will really act upon what we resolve to do.

But then the same thing happens that after a few days the newness of the new goals and resolutions begins to fade away and we slip back into the same habits that we have been keeping for years.

This shows that our habits are stronger than our resolutions!

And this proves that if we want to bring some positive change in our life and make it better and more productive then this change has to come through habits and not through some boldly written resolutions.

So how do we create new habits?

First we must analyse what good habits we already have and then build upon those habits slowly and constantly.

For example if I have a reading habit… which is a good habit in itself then I can use the same habit to learn about my beloved Prophet (s.a.w) by reading the books of seerah and Hadith on a daily basis. Even committing to one page a day can take me to 365 pages in a year… imagine that!

What a great habit it is to build upon! The habit of remaining in contact with my key to paradise…

And same goes for other habits… whether they take you forward in religion or they benefit you in this world.

For example if you have the good habit of brushing your teeth every night then you can add flossing to it.

With the habit of walking you can add stretching exercises starting with two to five minutes only…

The aim is not to achieve a certain number but to consistently follow a pattern of behavior until it gets engraved into your lifestyle and becomes your habit. 


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