Point to ponder…

“Know that your need for Allah’s acceptance of your charity is far more than the need of the person to whom you are giving the charity.”

I love this quote because the realization that I have a great need of Allah’s acceptance and approval is something that keeps me humble… and saves me from looking down on others.

Sometimes when Allah gives us more than others and we decide to share it with the less fortunate ones then there is great risk of losing all our rewards by entertaining thoughts of self-superiority… But if you ponder upon the reality of the situation you will see how absurd it is that we think ourselves to be free of need… the fact is that we are all needy of Allah in one way or the other!

This also reminds me of a story I once read many years ago… A man was polishing his new car and a beggar walks up to him. The man starts getting irritated that now this beggar will pester him for money and why on earth don’t they work and earn instead of bothering others. But to his surprise the beggar just sat on the sidewalk and didn’t say anything to him. The man kept waiting for a while and when he couldn’t hold it any more, He looked at the beggar and said: Do you need help? And the beggar replied with absolute calm: Don’t we all? 


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