Be grateful for your Problems!

Today I am going to share an amazing tip from the book “how to be a happy Muslim” by sister Sheima Salam Sumer.

In fact the same day when I posted a review on this book, I had to go out of town and during the drive once again had to confront my same old fear of accidents… the speed of the car was making me so anxious that I couldn’t even tell the driver to slow down. My best therapy at such times is to concentrate on Allah and do tasbeeh… as the words of zikr began to restore my heart to its normal peaceful state; I recalled the advice of the author to use your weaknesses and problems as a means of Allah’s worship. Like if you have some pain then glorify Allah that He does not have to suffer any pain… He is so great… He has no weakness.

And so I started whispering to Allah… how great you are my Rabb that you don’t have any fear at all… SubhanAllah how perfectly strong and superior you are that you cannot be overwhelmed by anything. As I said this, I looked up to the sky and imagined Him to be so far Above His creation… how small these things must be in front of His majesty? He who is the All-seeing… could see the whole universe in one glance… what is the size of this planet? And then this country? And this city and this car and this road and all the other traffic? Such tiny things… so if they are such small things in reality then why should I be bothered by them?

This proved to be a wonderful change in perspective because I began to see all my weaknesses and problems as opportunities to glorify Allah… suddenly my heart seemed to be full of such a joy that I cannot describe!

When we feel something in the heart it has an effect on all our actions but even more effective than the feeling is the act of expressing that feeling… so whenever I am irritated by my errors, I actually say to Allah: Ya Rabb, How perfect you are! You don’t have any errors… you are free from all deficiencies… Nothing is above you.

Remembrance of Allah is a great act of worship but it becomes alive when it has a personal touch and so we can really feel what we say. Such is the remembrance which brings peace and tranquillity and contentment in the heart because you realize that you are being taken care of by such an all-powerful Lord who has no weakness and no problem at all.

Gratitude is also a worship which is most beloved to Allah. So just imagine the rewards of a person who is grateful to Allah not only for the gifts of life but also for the problems because of the realization that these problems make him remember and glorify Allah.

May Allah enable us to be among these blessed people too… ameen





2 thoughts on “Be grateful for your Problems!

  1. As salamualaikum dear Sis. Shaheen. Actually, I was not receiving any notifications for a month about your blog. Even though I subscribed to this blog, I have not been receiving notifications. I don’t know why this happened and today I resubscribed. All this time I was thinking that you are taking a break from your blog! Anyway, JazakAllah khair so much for your kind post and your kind words. You are a blessing to me and to our ummah!

    • JazakAllah khairan kaseeran for encouraging me so much… May Allah bless you with his best blessings… and may he make me worthy of your beautiful feelings… ameen

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